To guarantee of accountability, transparence and compliance with rights to data protection, our activities will be split down in 6 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Objectives (SO).

PoSeID-on SMART Objectives

Smart Objective WP Description  SMART Justification and KPI
SO1: Data subjects empowerment 5 PoSeID-on will provide a Privacy Enhancing Dashboard allowing the data subjects to maintain the control of their own data. The development of the web based dashboard will follow some principles of accessibility in order to provide a great user experience with a system that responds to users’ requests in a reasonable timeframe and provides the functionality useful for the user when he needs it most. Furthermore, all the functionalities will be intuitive and easy to access.
  • Findable: Content will be easily findable.
  • Accessible: All the content of the application will be easily accessible.
  • Usable: User experience solution will be usable to all means.
  • Satisfactory/Desirable: The dashboard will be satisfying and enjoyable for users.
  • Learnable: It will be easy to learn using the dashboard.
  • Memorable: Once users use the application for the first time, they will be able to easily use it again.
  • Effective: The accuracy with which users achieve specified goals.
  • Efficient: The dashboard will complete the tasks with a reasonable amount of time and effort.
SO2: Personal data safeguarding 3, 4 PoSeID-on will adopt a series of security mechanisms in order to protect PII and the communication between the data subjects and the data controllers/processors:

  1. transactions will be secured through the adoption of the Permissioned
  2. Blockchain technology
  3. access management will be managed through the adoption of the Permissioned Blockchain technology
  4. through a specific connector, the system architecture will be opened to Digital Identity management systems in accordance with eIDAS Regulation state of the art encryption mechanisms will be used to secure data eventually saved on cloud
  • Reliability of the authentication process beyond 99.99%
  • Robustness and Reliability of transactions beyond 99.99%
SO3: Data minimization and data quality 3 Through the implementation of Smart Contracts on the permissioned blockchain, PoSeID-on will ensure the quality of personal data collected that will be managed directly by the data subject in order to be accurate and up-to-date. Moreover, the system has been conceived in a way that the specific Smart Contract will contain the reference to just the users’ personal data necessary for the that specific transaction, in compliance with the data minimization principle.
  • Accuracy and completeness of data,
    depending on data subject input
  • Number of collected personal data proportioned to the service needs
SO4: Detection of unexpected and potentially harmful behaviors  4 Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, PoseID-on will monitor privacy risks (Personal Data Analyser module), notifying privacy threats to data subjects during data transactions and discovering all previously non-identified personal data, such as personal data for which there is not data subject authorization. Data subjects will be then allowed to react to the identified risk, for instance revoking the permission to process their data to the specific data controller or third party. The PoSeID-on platform will also include a Risk Management module that will monitor risks in the permissioned blockchain platform to enable the participants to monitor and control the access to the data and the entities in the blockchain’s network.
  • Threats detected beyond 99%,  with a number of false positives below 5%
  • Risks identified beyond 99%, with a number of false positives below 5%
SO5: System demonstration through testing and validation 6 PoSeID-on will be evaluated through four pilots in four different countries (Italy, Spain, Austria and France) either in public, private and mixed scenario to replicate as much as possible the ecosystem platform conditions. PoSeID-on solution will be integrated with the current platforms already in use by the involved public administrations currently used by employees and citizens, as well as the e-Service platform provided by SOFT called SVE, currently used by citizens and service customers. Pilots will involve firstly a basic set of users to be enlarged during the evaluation months while the solution gets mature. The pilots will run in a controlled environment trying to replicate as much as possible live services, while using actual end-user data.
  • User acceptance and satisfaction
  • Increase on the number of accesses to the current pilot platforms measured before and after PoSeID-on integration
SO6:  PoSeID-on sustainability model 5,6 PoSeID-on will be offered in the market following three different models:

  • As an ICT integrated prototype provided with an innovative web-based dashboard for data subjects with a userfriendly interface, that can be used by organizations to provide data protection mechanisms.
  • As interoperable open source ICT components to be potentially integrated in any public or private existing platforms, enhancing them with data protection mechanisms.
  • Cloud-basedPrivacy Enhanced

Dashboard as a Service (PEDaaS).

  • PoSeID-on prototype implemented with TRL6/7
  • Interest of 20 between public and private organizations in the PoSeID-on solution during the project lifetime